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Earn Ang Pau from Maxis Cashback for CNY 2018

Gong Xi Fatt Chai~~ Gong Xi Gong Xi.. one of the most important holiday “Chinese New Year” is coming soon. Are you looking forwards to it? For more food and the Ang Pau ( yeah glad that I still can get ang pau still with my age 😛 ) . PS* Please don’t ask how old am I, age is secret for female 😛

Chinese new year 2018 dog year


However, due to the economic downturn, the expenses of the New Year are even more than usual. Food, new clothes, renovation, dinner etc is essential during this seasons of greetings.  But do  you know? Most Malaysians never know that some of the money spent can be directly converted into a cash rebate! You can spend money and earn money at the same time. Do you believe it?


Ringgit Malaysia Iphone repair maxis cashback



▼ First, let’s do some calculation on the average spending of a family during Chinese new year

Purchase new clothes, new shoes, etc. RM600

Send parents health care products RM300

Buy crackers candy drinks, such as New Year RM400

New Year home decoration RM150

Usually, the RM1450 spent is spent. However, do you believe that you can actually earn back nearly 10% of the money you spent?

Do not believe? It does not matter, most people will not believe it for the first time, but this is for real!

In the digital era now, almost everything can be ordered online. Our bee Team going to teach you how to utilize your money to its max value.  It even allowed you to pay your phone bill using the cashback you earn too.


▼ As a savvy consumer, every ringgit spend can be smartly converted into a cash rebate if you are able to capitalize on the ShopBack cash rebate system that works with more than 500 online shopping platforms. Take the above mentioned spending during the New Year as an example, you cannot get a dime back normally. But, you can get a cash rebate up to rm 124.5 using shopback. Is CASH , CASH, CASH! Not points!

Maxis cashback malaysia

▼ If you do not want to be suffered in the jam during Chinese New Year.  you can get Grab or Uber by cooperating with ShopBack to earn a cashback of RM0.20 – RM5 for each ride.

grab Malaysia cashback


Thinking of a holiday or family trip to rewards yourself?Do  not miss ShopBack’s cash rebate! Definitely help you save a staggering number!

malaysia holiday cashback


▼ Earn up to 7% cash back for, Expedia, agoda and other famous platforms through Cashback. Malaysia Airline offers 2% discount on domestic and 1% discount on foreign line.

Malaysia Booking agoda expedia

For instances, if a room after the discount price is RM300 a night, use ShopBack save another RM21. As a smart consumer, you can not only use the platform to provide discounts, but also additional ShopBack corresponding cash discount, Isn’t it great?

ShopBack collaborates with over 500 well-known online shopping platforms such as Lazada, Taobao, AliExpress, Fashion Valet,, NIKE, and more to secure the best discounts for consumers with the most realistic cash rebates Back to the consumer. Also, store cash back from different stores can accumulate together in a single platform, is definitely a good helper to save your budget. Why not try using shopback for your shopping next time even when you are buying iphone, ipad, smartphone etc!


That’s even better if you are Maxis users, it should not be missed!

Because Maxis users can enjoy exclusive “High Maxis Cashback” at ShopBack. Not only they can get RM20 rewards when they sign up for Maxis exclusive shopback account, but also up to 50% extra on the monthly limited offer.  Hence, Maxis users can get more cashback if compared to an ordinary Shopback users.

maxis cashback shopback malaysia



▼ Most important, you can pay your  monthly Maxis phone bill easily  using ShopBack’s cash rebate! In other words,you will be able to get free telco services using this Maxis cashback.


malaysia teclo bill rebate


▼ let’s learn how the steps to earn cashback

  1. Go to Maxis Cashback deal page: , click on “Sign Up Now”, ShopBack registration page will pop up.


maxis shopback malaysia registration


  1. Go to the registration page, fill in your Maxis number, email, password to register.


maxis shopback malaysia registration steps 2


  1. After the information is completed, click “Sign Up With Email” to complete the registration.
  2. Choose your favorite online shop in ShopBack, click and wait for the page to jump.

maxis shopback malaysia shopping


  1. And the usual experience of online shopping, browse Favorite goods and order to buy.
  2. Within 48 hours, you can see the incoming cashback in your ShopBack account.

shopback steps

  1. The merchant confirms the transaction is completed, you will receive the cash rebate.

shopback steps redeem


  1. When your cash rebate accumulates over RM10, you have the option of claiming your credit back to your bank account.

Maxis Shopback Page :

Normal Shopback Registration :

Maxis User Shopback registration :


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