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Apple Tips : “Force quit iPhone app” actually hurt iPhone! Must read if you don’t want to spoilt your iPhone!

Do you have this habit of “slip away” Background App to force quit iphone app frequently? If so, then you should stop doing it so often! Experts said that this habit is bad for your Apple iphone and ipad.

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Double-click “Home button”, and then flick up to clear your inactive applications? This harmless action,  to one’s surprise will actually bring harm to the phone?

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Many people have a misconception that apps running in the background consume RAM which cause the phone to run sluggishly. In order to allow the phone to operate smoother more energy efficient, so most people has developed the habit of force quit the application by double click the home button and flick up. However, according to experts, this approach is totally unnecessary! An Apple expert, John Gruber, also posted an article in the blog that discouraged everyone from going “skimming off” the application in the background. And of course he is not the only expert who has ever gave a similar warning.

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One of the best things about iOS, he said, is to be able to “freeze” applications in the background to free up more RAM for other operations. From this we can see that it is not necessary to force quit the application. More importantly, it even will have the opposite effect!

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When each application restarts, the internal RAM need to go through a series of operations. These operations can be avoided when they are “thawed”. So, applications that are forcibly shut down consume more energy each time they are restarted than “thaw” them. Over time, this will bring irreversible damage to the battery, virtually shortening the life of the battery.

Last year, one  iPhone users sent email to Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering to ask him if his action of slipping off backstage applications to force quit iphone app helps the iphones. Immediately, Craig Federighi gave him an answer “No” in reply.


Since this action does not have any benefit to the iphone, why Apple does not remove this function directly? This is mainly because this feature still has its reasons for existence. When an application crashes or crashes, this feature will cause it to restart. Or when an application can not operate normally, such as unable to connect to the network. This time forced restart can effectively solve the problem. In addition, some applications are designed to run extensively and consume power in the background, such as the Facebook App.

John Gruber said it would be sensible to “slide it off and turn off” to force quit iphone app in this situation. To know which applications are particularly power hungry, you can check the “Battery” page in Settings.

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