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When to Replace iPhone Battery?

Replace iPhone Battery


If you’ve been using your iPhone for more than years then you may have noticed that the battery doesn’t last on one charge as it used to be. Sound familiar? Then it might be time to change your iPhone battery. All lithium-ion batteries generally lose their ability to maintain a full charge over time. Battery capacity can drop to 80% or even lower after more than 500 charge.  Until certain moment, your iPhone may actually slow itself down in order to prevent your aged battery from failing.

How to check if you need to replace iphone Battery?

You can check check if is time to replace iphone battery by going to Settings > Battery > Battery Health.


You will be able to see a quick overview of your battery’s health via its “Maximum Capacity” and “Peak Performance  Capability” in this page.

“Maximum Capacity” is a measure of the battery’s capacity relative to when it was new. A brand new phone should read 99 to 100% and will reduce slowly over a period; the lower the percentage, the faster your battery will drain on per charge.

The “Peak Performance Capability” measure is more of a ‘Good’, ‘Not-so-good’ or ‘Bad’ scenario. If your phone reads “Your battery is currently supporting normal peak performance”, you are in the clear – your battery is up to par and there is nothing you need to do.

However, if you see “This iPhone has experienced an unexpected shutdown… Performance management has been applied…” it’s a sign that your battery is experiencing some significant wear and tear. In this case it means that Apple has started to slow down or “throttle” your phone processing speed in an effort to reduce further battery strain. You can disable this throttling feature but if you do, the setting cannot be toggled on again until the device unexpectedly shuts down, so proceed with caution.

Sometimes, there may be a  “Your battery’s healthy is significantly degraded…” message which means that your battery severely depleted and you should strongly considering getting it replaced.

Other ways to see if you need Battery replacement

You will not be able to see the battery health in Settings if your iPhone is pre-2014 or running iOS 11.2 or older. But don’t worry, there are a few other ways to tell that is time to replace iphone battery.

  • If you need to recharge your battery every few hours even when usage is low, it might be sign for a battery replacement
  • Also, if your phone unexpectedly shut down when the battery is 10% or higher, this could be a good time to replace your iphone battery
  • If your iPhone only works plugged it –change the battery
  • OR if you’re looking for more of a scientific approach, you can download an app like Battery Health which gives you a look into battery capacity, power usage, etc.

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