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Apple Iphone Price Reducing

Apple’s first quarterly earnings report for 2019 was not ideal. Revenue from iPhone fell 15% to $51.9 billion, causing investors and media to ask the CEO of Apple Tim Cook whether the iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max were overpriced. Tim Cook also admitted that this issue does not affect the United States, but it is indeed affecting other regions.


Tim Cook acknowledges that iPhone prices are too high and will lower iPhone pricing in some countries

The iPhone XS is priced at RM4999, which is the same as the iPhone X. However, the iPhone XS Max is priced at RM6099 at a overly expensive price. There is also an entry-level iPhone XR positioned between the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus. For RM3599; in the US market, Cook believes that these sales are not much different from the previous models.


Apple iPhone Price due to exchange rate

Due to the impact of the global exchange rate, the dollar has strengthened, which has made the iPhone pricing a considerable problem, resulting in many adjustments in pricing in many regions; Cook also pointed out that from January this year, we have also re-evaluated each country’s iPhone. The price and the exchange rate change a year ago are also planned to target areas with weak sales performance, and will also re-adjust the price of the iPhone.

For example, in Japan, the price of subsidized subsidies for Japanese telecom operators has been reduced, which has affected the sales of new device.

 However, in the United States, such preferential subsidy activities have been eliminated few years ago. If preferential subsidies are still in place, the apple iphone price will definitely lead to For $199 to buy iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s consumers, they will be reluctant to replace the new device with $749 Dollar.

Currently, Apple also trying to adopt the Trade-in old discount and installment payment method to solve the “subsidy” problem and stimulate users to replace the new iPhone. In another statement, Cook said that all of Apple’s equipment is high quality and durable and can be used for several years ,but The cycle will lead to product phase-out.

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