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Iphone SE 2 Leaks! Comes with Wireless Charging, Headphone Jack Retained!

iPhone SE 2 Leaks

Recently, there’s a lot of news on the iPhone SE 2 leaks, and it is even possible to predict that the WWDC 2018 will be available in May or June.

However, there have been many rumours and speculation on whether the 3.5mm headphone jack will be removed.

Recently, one of the China microblogging release an video of a suspected iPhone SE 2 outlook. The overall appearance didn’t’ changed much with the previous generation. The back cover changed to glass to support wireless charging.



iPhone SE 2 leaks real phone video out! Supports wireless charging and retains 3.5mm headphone jack.


It can be seen that the back cover of the iPhone SE 2 leaks video is quite similar to the photos taken in the past. This time it was directly the assembled iPhone SE. However, it seems that the back cover is made of glass material. Benjamin Geskin also recently announced that the iPhone SE 2 has entered the production stage. He mentioned that the back cover is made of glass, which means that the iPhone SE 2 can support wireless charging.

Iphone SE 2 video

Click here to view the video at Youtube.

But now the most controversial is that the 3.5mm headphone jack will not be retained? In the past, Japanese media Macotakara confirmed with the manufacturer at the 2018 Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show that the iPhone SE 2 would remove the 3.5mm headphone jack. However, in the video, the headphone jack can still be seen. Will the headset hole be removed? it can be determined after the official release. After all, many users still have trouble with the headset jack. It is still more troublesome than connecting an adapter or using a Bluetooth headset instead of a wired headset.


More iPhone SE 2 specifications and prices will be updated in this “Check out the iPhone SE 2 Specifications and Price Range Here!”


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